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Government of Tajikistan approves 2009 State Budget

Government of Tajikistan approves 2009 State Budget - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Bakhtiyor Davlat


DUSHANBE, Tajikistan, Oct. 2—The state budget of Tajikistan for 2009 will be 6.8 billion somoni ($1.69 billion [USD]), exceeding this year’s budget by 1.5 billion somoni ($422 million). As the press service of President Emomalii Rahmon reports, the 2009 State Budget will comprise 29 percent of GDP, which is expected to exceed 20.65 billion somoni ($5.82 billion). The rate of growth in production should reach 7.1 percent and the level of inflation 13 percent. The State Budget is planned with a deficit of 103 million somoni ($29 million), which is half a percent of the GDP.

Speaking on Sept. 30 at a session of the government, Rahmon called the 2009 State Budget a budget of economic development, underlining that more than half of it will be directed at real sectors of production and for the construction of strategic infrastructure including hydroelectric power stations, industrial enterprises and automobile roads and tunnels.

Expenditures for the social sphere (education, health and welfare) in the state budget for next year will be increased by one percent, reaching 2.43 billion somoni ($686 million). The fund of the President of Tajikistan for the training of young specialists outside the country will more than double to 5 million somoni ($1.4 million). The draft law of the Republic of Tajikistan, “On the State Budget of the Republic of Tajikistan for 2009”, is directed to the lower house of Parliament.

According to the data of the State Committee for Statistics of Tajikistan, the level of inflation in the republic for the first eight months of 2008 was 11.9 percent overall and 13.9 percent for food, 19.5 percent for services, and 3.8 percent for non-food consumption items.

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