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KIOGE-2008 in Almaty

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Anvar Raimove


ALMATY, Oct. 11—The KIOGE-2008 International Exhibition and Conference attended by more than 15,000 representatives of oil and gas companies opened in Almaty on Oct. 7. Since 1993, the Kazakhstan International Oil and Gas Exhibition has been a platform for discussing ways to develop the oil and gas industries in Kazakhstan and the countries of the Caspian region.

The 2008 exhibition drew 550 companies from 30 countries. Oil and gas specialists from the U.K., Germany, Italy, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Turkey, France and Russia who were available for consultation at their national exhibition stands. More than 1,000 delegates took part in the conference at the Intercontinental Hotel.

Top managers of 40 oil and gas companies, government officials and representatives of business organisations presented their views on various aspects of the industry.

"Since Kazakhstan's independence, the oil and gas and energy networks of the country have made a tremendous breakthrough,” said Kazak Minister of Energy Sauat Mynbayev at the opening ceremonies. “This was accomplished by the coordinated activity of government and private business. A significant increase in the extraction of mineral raw materials and the re-equipment of the fields has taken place, which has allowed the Republic to enter the ranks of the leading producers in the global oil and gas markets."

A surprise at KIOGE was the participation of England’s Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, who presented nine cash stipends of $2,000 [USD] in his name to the best students of the Kazakhstan-British Technical University (BTKU). As the university's press office noted, "KBTU is the first Central Asian university to be awarded such a high honour."

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