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American specialist conducts master classes for Tajik journalists

American specialist conducts master classes for Tajik journalists - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Anna Malikova


DUSHANBE, Oct. 13—U.S. mass media development specialist Andrew Sullivan held a series of master classes for Tajik journalists recently.

Under the heading, “The Latest Media in Mass Information: the Evolution of News,” the classes, held in the Union of Journalists building, covered modern trends in mass media and methods of news transmission to international standards. Participating journalists examined modern tendencies in media and practiced skills required to provide news according to international standards.

In his classes, Sullivan drew on his earlier experiences in Bosnia. “It was hard to work there given the lack of official sources of information. The authorities met with us only when it suited them. We had to drop them as sources and worked on our own to study reports, contact representatives of public organisations and make our own observations. That was a long and difficult process. Sometimes I spent an entire month verifying a single piece of information." But that, Sullivan concluded, is what is required for a journalist to write credibly about whatever subject he is covering.

Sullivan, who has investigated corruption in 12 countries, was very interested in the status of investigative journalism in Tajikistan. He also shared his experiences about increasing newspaper circulation, gaining access to information, and increasing public trust in the information provided by mass media.

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