Farmers enjoy success brought by new plant

Farmers enjoy success brought by new plant - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Asim Akhtar


ISLAMABAD, Oct. 21 — In 2007, Swiss dairy company Nestlé made Pakistan home to the world’s largest milk production plant, which is located in Punjab province and currently produces two million litres of milk per day. That will increase to three million in the coming years.

Nestlé has invested in Pakistan over the past 19 years and has established the country’s largest milk collection facilities. In addition to working with local farmers, the company has more than 2,000 employees in the country.

The company has five production facilities in Pakistan including two multi-product factories in Sheikhupura and Kabirwala, and three bottled water plants in Islamabad and Karachi.

A network of collection centres have helped ensure that farmers do not need to go far to deliver their daily output. The milk collection system has created hundreds of jobs and has generated a communications and transport network as well. The factories in Sheikhupura and Kabirwala have advanced chilling systems in place which prevents the milk from spoiling. A Nestlé technical assistance team trains the more than 900,000 farmers in Pakistan who supply milk to Nestlé in modern techniques and updates them on the latest advancements in dairy production.

Nestlé has contributed significantly to Pakistan becoming the world’s fourth largest milk producer and the second largest in Asia behind India.

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