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Danduna community creates dairy farm

Danduna community creates dairy farm - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Lily J. Lawrence


DANDUNA, Oct. 22 — The village community of Danduna is investing in its own future. With international help, the people have started a dairy farm selling milk, cheese and yogurt in Asadabad that it is already turning a profit.

“We are selling our products at the Green Hotel,” said Mohammed Seddiq, head of the Community Development Council (CDC) in Danduna.

Still in its first year of operation, the dairy received support from the CDC to cover expenses like vaccinations for cows. But soon it will be on its own.

“This project will be a success when you run it all on your own,” CDC project monitor Fazl Hakim told the community. “We’re here with you now, but you must get ready to think about what you will do when we are no longer with you.”

The community has contributed significantly to the project. They provided stalls for the cows, constructed mangers and water troughs and appointed three men to take care of the feeding. Income from the dairy is already enough to cover its expenses.

The CDC members take the milk, cheese, and yogurt produced on the farm to Asadabad, not far from their village, and say they have no trouble selling everything they produce.

“There is not just a market for these things,” Hakim says. “There’s a real need.”

CDCs are engaged in thousands of similar small projects throughout Kunar, working to bring positive change to communities. “It depends on the CDC and the people of the community,” says Hakim. “If they are smart and hard working, they can achieve many good things.”

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