Development and introduction of new technologies in Uzbekistan

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Aleksandr Davydov


TASHKENT, Oct.17—The sixth international conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), organised by the Uzbek government and the U.N. Development Programme (UNDP) discussed the latest IT developments and government plans to incorporate them into everyday life.

Approximately 400 international delegates took part in the conference. They discussed the problems and achievements of the introduction of ICT into state administration, the development of the electronic formation and infrastructure of access, and also the prospects for electronic commerce in the country. Conferences were held on the development of information technologies in Asia, the Internet, new technologies, and mobile, wireless and fibre optic communications.

Uzbek and foreign participants are convinced that the development of information and communication technologies in Uzbekistan conforms to international standards. With its mobile communications, the country is included among dozens of countries of the world that have the highest “Index of Development of Mobile Communications.”

“Uzbekistan has already reached such a level in the development of ITC that, it seems to me, it is time to develop the Uzbek segment of the Internet. I think that this idea has a future,” said Dilshod Mahmudov, a communications professional from Tashkent. “It would be useful to compel our media and state offices to keep track of the updating of their sites. It is now finally time to bring the Internet to each home as has been done throughout the whole word."

Roman Prokhorov, an IT engineer in Moscow, said: “I was surprised and was not sorry that I came to this meeting. It turns out that very competent and talented people live and work here.”

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