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Regional news round-up — October 24, 2008

Regional news round-up — October 24, 2008 - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Central Asia Online Correspondent


ISLAMABAD—Four arrested in Marriot hotel bombing: Four suspects accused of “indirect involvement” in the suicide bomb attack on the Marriot hotel in Islamabad have been arrested in Punjab province according to Pakistani police chief Ahmad Latif. They appeared before an anti-terrorism court and a judge has turned the suspects over to police for questioning. [AP]

KABUL —Afghan police arrest infamous Taliban leader: Notorious Taliban commander Mullah Juma Gul has been arrested by police. Afghan police chief Juma Gul Hemat said the commander was ambushed in his hideout in the Chahar Chinu district of Uruzgan. The commander is said to lead more than 150 armed rebels and is suspected of involvement in multiple attacks against Afghanistan and coalition forces. [Xinhua News]

TASHKENT—Central Asia water deal being developed: The Central Asian states are moving closer to developing an arrangement for a regional water deal. It is likely that Uzbekistan will agree to an arrangement for Central Asian states to share costs associated with the use of rivers in the region. The arrangement, which will go into effect in 2009, will also help Kyrgyzstan reduce its need to generate hydro-electric power. [Environment News Service]

ASTANA—‘Road to Europe’ plan in works for Kazakhstan: Kazakh officials have developed a plan to strengthen ties between Europe and Kazakhstan and help develop its democratisation efforts. The blueprint, entitled “Road to Europe,” stems from Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s recent executive order on cooperation with Europe and initiatives to increase Kazakh economic competitiveness. The plan focuses on the technology and transportation sectors of the economy. [Eurasianet]

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