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School construction gets a boost in Kunar

School construction gets a boost in Kunar - Central Asia News Afghanistan Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan-Sports Business and Entertainment

Lily J. Lawrence


KUNAR, Oct. 24 — Kunar is getting more help than ever before in the vital sector of education.

The World Bank has already begun work on seven new schools across the province, and the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) has made commitments to build 20 more.

Kunar’s director of education, Asadullah Roya said World Bank-funded schools will be built in Asadabad and six districts of Kunar. The PRT has pledged to build 20 new schools next year.

“We earmarked $82 million [USD] for reconstruction work in Kunar this year,” said PRT director Dan Dwyer. “In addition to roads, bridges and health clinics, we plan to build 20 more schools in Kunar.”

Anayatullah, a student at Tararay School in Chapa Dara district, said, “Before we did not have a school building. We had our lessons on farm land, under the blue sky. When it rained, or when a strong wind came, we had to go home.”

According to Roya, Kunar has more than 336 schools, but only 156 of them have buildings. The rest are held outdoors, in homes or in mosques. “If we have more facilities for students, the level of education will be raised in Kunar province,” he said.

Samina, a young student from Watapoor district, spoke at her new school in Qamchi village. “I am so happy,” she said. “Now we have a nice building for our school. This is the best memory of my life.”

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