Kazakhstan promotes export of kumys, the national drink

Kazakhstan is considering the possibility of exporting its national drink to Japan according to the personal blog of Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Shkolnik..

Madi Asanov


Minister of Industry and Trade Vladimir Shkolnik stated recently that Kazakhstan is considering the export of kumys to Japan. His personal blog contained a message saying the issue of promoting the national drink kumys in Japan has been passed on for consideration to KAZNEX, the national corporation that develops and promotes exports.

Kumys is a whitish sour milk drink made from mare's milk with the help of Bulgarian and acidophilus lactic acid bacteria and yeast fermentation, which yields a lightly alcoholic beverage Making this drink in Kazakhstan is not much more expensive than making yogurt or any other fermented milk product. Recently, it has regained popularity among Kazakh consumers and is being produced on a commercial scale and retailed at large stores around the country.

The study of kumys export possibilities began when Japanese scientists conducted an extensive study of the Kazakh drink. They were aware of its usefulness in the treatment of lung diseases, including tuberculosis, as has long been known, but their review found uses for kumys previously entirely unknown. Following the results of the Japanese research, Kazakhstan, as a major producer of kumys, received a proposal for the export of kumys to Japan.

According to KAZNEX Analytical Department Director Raushan Kazbekova, however, it is premature to do so, primarily because kumys is not classified either in Kazakhstan or anywhere else in the world as product for export and it is not cited in the international commodity code list. In addition, Kazbekova noted that it is not easy to enter foreign markets without meeting international product safety and packaging standards. Before kumys can be exported, Kazakhstan will have to resolve a number of technical issues such as transport, packaging and developing a process to preserve all the curative properties of kumys over a period of months.

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