Kazakhstan working on Doctrine of National Unity

Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev, who participated in the 15th Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan on Oct. 26, called for a draft decree to confirm the Doctrine of National Unity in the country.

Madi Asanov


TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Iran will not retreat "one iota" from the undeniable right of the Iranian nation to nuclear energy, but is ready to cooperate on issues regarding atomic fuel, power plants and technology. He made these remarks on Oct. 29 in a speech in the northeastern city of Mashhad which was broadcast live on state television.

“At the previous session [of the Assembly] I called for drawing up a draft Doctrine of National Unity…Specialists, experts and academics worked hard on a draft. It must now be thoroughly discussed, and a comprehensive public analysis must be made involving political parties, ethnic and cultural centres and non-governmental organisations,” Nazarbayev said. “Today we must form a special working committee to revise the doctrine and prepare a draft decree.”

Nazarbayev says the decree should contain mid- and long-term strategies for the effective implementation of ethnic policies and the further strengthening of political stability, unity and harmony in the country.”

The Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan was formed in 1995 as an advisory body under the president to defend the equality and freedom of citizens regardless of nationality, language or religious affiliation. Since 2007, nine deputies from the lower House of Parliament are delegates to the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan.

Speaking to members of the Assembly, President Nazarbayev cited the U.S. as a successful example of a united nation, and said that the election of African-American Barack Obama as president reflected a commitment to making that unity a reality. “That is what I have been calling for all of these years, and this is the policy we have been conducting from year to year!” he said.

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