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Tajikistan increases number of small hydroelectric power stations

Since the beginning of the year, Tajikistan has built 47 small hydroelectric power stations, which are particularly efficient in mountainous regions.

Siyavush Mekhtan


DUSHANBE ― Since the beginning of year, Tajikistan has built 47 small hydroelectric power stations. According to information from the Ministry of Energy and Industry, their cost was US$14 million. Their capacities vary from 20 to 2,000 KWh and they are all located on small rivers. Their construction was partly funded by international financial institutions.

The Ministry of Energy states that there are plans to commission an additional ten small hydroelectric power stations before the end of the year, which will bring the current number of such stations in the country to 193. In the first half of 2009, they produced approximately 60 million of the 18 billion KWh of electricity produced annually in Tajikistan.

Deputy Head of state energy company Barki Tochek’s Central Control Service Sergei Tkachenko said that given the power-generating potential of mountain rivers, the construction of small hydroelectric power stations will continue. They are particularly efficient in mountain villages, where there are problems connecting consumers to the centralised electricity supply system. Furthermore, the commissioning of new hydroelectric power stations reduces the volume of electricity shortages the country suffers in the autumn and winter. In future, they will all be integrated into the country's single energy system.

Among those who have expressed interest in investing in Tajikistan’s construction of small and medium-sized hydroelectric power stations are Russia, Ukraine, Iran and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Ukrainian investors are planning to set up a joint venture in Tajikistan to produce hydro equipment for small and medium-sized hydroelectric power stations.

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