Suicide attack kills five, wounds 25 in Peshawar

North West Frontier Province [NWFP] governor says province will soon be declared a war-hit area.

By Abdullah Jan


PESHAWAR, Pakistan, -- Five people were killed and another 25 were injured after a suicide bomber blew himself up on the busy Mall Road area in Peshawar December 24, police said.

Those killed in the blast included a police constable, Gul Nawaz, who stopped the bomber before he was able to reach some government buildings at The Mall.

This was the second blast in Peshawar in the last three days. Peshawar has witnessed more than two-dozen blasts this year. More than 300 people have died in terrorist incidents.

North West Frontier Province [NWFP] Gov. Owais Ahmad Ghani told media that the province would soon be declared a war-hit area.

Peshawar Police chief Liaqat Ali told reporters the suicide attacker was heading to the offices of Pakistan International Airlines [PIA].

“Once again a cop wrote history by avoiding mass causalities,” Liaqat said.

Another police officer gave his life to save the lives of dozens of journalists inside the Peshawar Press Club, December 22.

Police chief Liaqat said two bombers executed the Mall Road attack.

Eyewitnesses said a young man, wearing loose western dress, was stopped by Nawaz at a check post.

“He triggered his jacket when the cop was conducting his body search,” said Waleed Khan, who works in a nearby office and was passing through the area.

Many government and private buildings are on the Mall Road.

District Coordination Officer [DCO] of Peshawar Sahibzada Mohammad Anis said the nearby crowded Jinnah Street or Saddar Road could have been the suicide attacker’s target.

Police said if the attacker had entered any of the installations, many people would have died.

At least three women were among the injured. They included Minhaj Bibi, Naheed Bibi and Sobia.

The wounded were rushed to the nearby Combined Military Hospital [CMH] and Lady Reading Hospital [LRH].

Hospital sources said four of the injured were in critical condition, while most were released after being treated.

Syed Zahir Shah, Health Minister of North West Frontier Province, expressed his optimism about early success of army operation against militants in tribal areas.

“Their [militants’] days have been numbered and normalcy would return soon,” Zahir Shah said.

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  • Why now Pakistan update is more like Peshawar update? For the past over two weeks contents are NWFP focused. Editorial sections should consider other parts of Pakistan too.Kindly revise.

    December 25, 2009 @ 11:12:00AM mutahir sabir
  • Now the news structure has been changed. Paper is more Peshawar oriented.In past we were able to read news out of different cities.Please try to focus on other cities too.The presentation is dry now.Try consider that readers want to read all sort of news so focus on other cities too.Thanks

    December 25, 2009 @ 02:12:00AM Dr Sana