Taliban-run jail razed in Wana

2 of Mullah Nazir’s headquarters also levelled

By Zahir Shah


WANA – Pakistani security forces June 11 destroyed a militant-run jail, scores of militant hideouts and three weapons shops in Rustam Bazaar, Wana, officials said.

“Those who would be challenging the writ of the government would be taken to task and dealt with sternly,” South Waziristan Political Agent Javed Marwat told Central Asia Online.

Local residents said the jail housed a variety of people, including minors and the elderly, whom the militants had deemed criminals. The prisoners apparently were taken from the jail by the militants before the June 11 action.

The counter-insurgency operation began after a rocket attack killed one soldier and injured three others late June 10. Militants, in that attack, fired eight rockets from the Rustam Bazaar area, Marwat said.

Authorities have imposed a curfew but will allow the public to move freely until 6pm so they can reach safety and meet daily needs, he said.

Militant HQs destroyed

As part of the counter-insurgency operation, security forces have razed the buildings that Shamsullah and Malang, deceased commanders of the Mullah Nazir-led insurgents, had used as headquarters. Shamsullah and Malang were both killed last week.

More than 10 people have been killed and eight injured since June 10, but their identities remain undetermined, Dawn News reported.

Security forces have seized more than three truckloads of weapons and sporadic gunfire continues, officials confirmed June 11.

Locals support government action

The government should take to task the outsiders who are causing problems, tribesman Asgha Wazir told Central Asia Online.

Tribesmen have asked the government to ensure the Gomal Zam Road stays open so they can send fruit and vegetables to market before they rot, tribesman Amanullah and others who met with officials told Central Asia Online.

A few days ago, the government warned Ahmedzai tribes to expel Mehsud militants from their areas. Since the massive military response to the June 10 rocket attack began, locals have been fleeing to safer areas.

A shopkeeper, who identified himself only as Karim, said that after officials asked tribesmen to leave the area, he saw militants hauling some residents away in pickup trucks. He said he couldn’t identify them specifically as prisoners, though.

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