More Olympic disappointment for Central Asians

With two days left, Central Asia has few chances left for a second medal

Staff Report


VANCOUVER, Canada – With the closing ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics just two days away, Central Asia has just five events left to add a second medal.

February 27 will be the last day of action for a number of athletes.

Kazakhstan’s Igor Zakurdaev, Kyrgyzstan’s Dmitry Trelevski, Tajikistan’s Andrey Drygin and Uzbekistan’s Oleg Shamaev will ski in the men’s slalom. Kazakhstan is tentatively scheduled to take part in the men’s speed-skating pursuit race. Finally, Elena Antonova, Oxana Jatskaja, Elena Kolomina and Marina Matrossova, all of Kazakhstan, are slated to join Kyrgyzstan’s Olga Reshetkova in the women’s cross-country 30km mass start ski race.

Only Kazakhstan will have any athletes in action February 28.

Nikolai Chebotko, Sergei Cherepanov, Yevgeniy Koshevoy, Alexei Poltaranin and Yevgeniy Velichko will compete in the last event of this winter games: the men’s cross-country 50km mass start.

February 25 was filled with more disappointment for Central Asia. Uzbekistan’s Anastasia Gimazetdinova fell during the women’s figure skating free skate, finishing 23rd in the 24-skater field. Kazakhstan finished 10th in the women’s 4x5km combined cross-country relay in the 16-team field.

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