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Tette, Tago leave KG-Dordo-Dinamo for TJ-Vakhsh

By Nicholas Pilugin


DUSHANBE – Ghanian footballers David Tette and Daniel Tago have switched clubs and countries, leaving Kyrgyzstan’s Dordo-Dinamo club for Tajikistan’s Vakhsh.

In a press release on the official Dordo-Dinamo site, club officials said the two players left the club voluntarily, and Vakhsh reportedly requested their transfer papers. Tette, a forward, and Tago, who plays defense, both had contracts with Dordo-Dinamo until 2012.

According to CA-News, the Vakhsh club has received a letter from Dordo-Dinamo claiming the pair are bound by their contracts and do not have the right to quit the team.

Tago was named most valuable player in Kyrgyzstan in 2009, while Tette was named best attacker in the 2008 Kyrgyzstan football championship, CA-News reported.

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