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Pakistan electricity tariff soars 16%

Staff Report


ISLAMABAD – The Federal Ministry of Water and Power May 16 issued notice of an immediate increase in the electricity tariff averaging more than 16%, media reported.

Customers will have to pay an additional Rs. 0.71 (US 1 cent) to Rs. 2.12 (US 2 cents) per unit of electricity and the average price per unit of electricity went up from Rs. 7.58 (US 8 cents) to Rs. 8.83 (US 10 cents) per unit, Geo News reported.

The new tariff will apply to all electricity customers, media reported. However, domestic users under 50 units per month would be exempt.

For industrial users, the tariff went up by Rs. 1.99 per unit, and for commercial users rates shot up by Rs. 2.08 per unit, media reported.

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