Shamil Atakhanov candidacy as interior minister approved

By Asker Sultanov


BISHKEK – The Kyrgyz parliamentary Committee on Rule of Law, Law and Order and the Fight against Crime November 6 approved the candidacy of Shamil Atakhanov as interior minister, according to the parliamentary press office.

Atakhanov, the former chairman of the State National Security Committee (GKNB), was interviewed before the committee as part of the approval process. He answered deputies’ questions, described the GKNB’s work under his leadership and explained what he would do as interior minister.

One of his focal points is to get people to trust the police more, he said. To do that, law enforcement agencies should be transparent and local police inspectors should do more work with the public, Atakhanov said, adding he also planned to reform the Interior Ministry (MVD) Academy and to install video cameras along highways and the streets of major cities.

He also expressed his intention of raising police discipline and reducing corruption in the MVD. As part of his interest in transparency, he said he would create an open registry of citizen remarks so that the public could see how the MVD handled its complaints.

Parliament is expected to approve and confirm his position within the next few days, the press office said.

Atakhanov replaces Zarylbek Rysaliyev, who resigned in October.

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