Pakistan Railways foils bomb plot

Lashkar-e-Balochistan claims responsibility for April 24 Lahore bombing

By Abdul Nasir Khan


LAHORE – The Pakistan Railways Police foiled a terrorist attempt in Attock District April 25, defusing a time bomb recovered from a train at a railway station, Inspector General of the Railways Police Abn e Hussain told media in Lahore April 25.

Had the bomb gone off, it would have been the second attack on the railway in two days.

“The bomb was recovered from the same train, Awam Express, which was targeted in Lahore on April 24,” Hussain said. “The intensity of the disposed bomb was more than that of the Lahore blast and could have caused more damage.”

Authorities recovered the 20kg bomb from a bag, he said. The April 24 bomb had 6-8kg of explosives.

“As this train was coming from Karachi, terrorists planted two bombs in their luggage,” Hussain said. “We are also collecting information about the passengers travelling in the same car from which the bomb was recovered.”

April 24 death toll rises

The death toll of the April 24 blast reached three after Mehmood, 8, died in Mayo Hospital April 25. Mehmood was injured, along with his parents and 12 family members, as the family was returning to its hometown, Rahim Yar Khan, after attending a religious gathering in Lahore.

“Five of our kids were injured in the blast, one of them, Amir Sohail, is in critical condition,” one injured family member, Muhammad Aftab, told Central Asia Online. Sohail, 4, is hospitalised with head injuries, doctors confirmed.

The two other victims were buried in Lahore April 25. They were identified as railway porter Muhammad Boota, a father of five daughters and two sons and the family’s sole bread-winner, and Railways Police constable Muhammad Idrees.

The Punjab government and Pakistan Railways announced Rs. 500,000 (US $5,500) compensation for each bereaved family.

A Balochistan-based terrorist organisation, Lashkar-e-Balochistan, has claimed responsibility for the April 24 attack.

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